locus (2014)

for flute, bass clarinet, double bass and piano | ca. 8′

In a general way, locus represents a continued interest of mine in exploring various extremes of both timbre and tessitura, as well as contrast (or a lack thereof).

In a more specific sense, the piece is about converging on a single point: throughout its course, the members of the ensemble collide, scatter and re-convene, in the hopes of making audible a sort of frantic tension within the periods that separate their concomitant arrivals. These intermittent periods are “filled in” with figures whose alignments vary from complete independence to strict, unwavering unisons, their densities ranging from sparse near-silences to maximum saturation.

Though initially written for no group in particular, locus has been graciously taken up and recorded by friends of the composer: Kat Standefer, flute; Micah Wright, bass clarinet; Dennis Caravakis, bass and Dan Linder, piano. The work is dedicated with gratitude to these individuals for their time and skill in bringing the work to life.

Score (PDF)

Recording (mp3)

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